The Govemor of Hongseong. Kim Seok hwan

It is a pleasure to introduce Hongseong. I am Kim Seokwhan, the governor of Hongseong. As technologies develop in IT, transportation and communication, we are now living in a world where we can travel from one to another side in a day.

We renewed the web site of Hongseong for foreigners, corresponding to the globalizing and localizing environment in our region.

We wish that you would learn about the past, present and future of Hongseong, and communicate with other netizens.

Hongseong will take your valuable comments/opinions into consideration. We will reflect those into administration and answer your question in all sincerity.

We will make our effort to become friendly Hongseong for the people of Hongseong and netizens. Thank you.

Kim Seokwhan, Governor of Hongseong,

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