Naepo Festival

Naepo Festival Image

If you arrive at the center of Naepo, Hongseong, you will easily feel the friendly smiles of people in Naepo where there are rocky mountains, beautiful sea and migrating birds.

Naepo culture represents the people’s living culture in Joseon era, different from Baekjae culture that evolved around the dynasty. Therefore, the festival was firstly held in Hongseong in 2004 as a leader of developing Naepo cultural region.

Naepo Festival makes an effort to be distinguished among other passive festivals where people can only watch. Therefore, visitors actively participate in experiencing events, that makes this festival more invigorating and impressive festival. Naepo festival is held in every October throughout Hongseong region.

As a culture experiencing festival, it represents the ideal of “loyalty” and “people's culture”, shedding light on Naepo culture with themes in historic figures and people’s culture. The festival has folk festival including a play on the ground, Nongak competition, Namsadang play, and Gyeolseong Nongyo performance, followed by Youth Dancing Competition, Military Band Performance, and Youth Rock Festival. Also, it is a festival of harmony that mixes traditional and modern culture with commemorating spirits of General Choi Young and those who sacrificed themselves in Hongju Castle battle.

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