Festival of General Kim’s victory

Festival of General Kim’s victory Image

The festival to commemorate General Kim Jwajin’s victory in Cheongsanli who is a major figure in the history of independence movement, is held in October every year in both the birthplace of Kim and the shrine.

This festival is to rejoice the victory of Cheongsanli battle where General Kim led the army into a convincing victory in Manchuria region, and also to introduce the loyalty in the nation as a way of teaching historic experience and inspiring patriotism.

The objective of this festival is to console General's soul who devoted himself to the independence of our nation. There are many spectacles including masque parade, pungmul performance, and Bongsan Mask dancing.

Other events include various military school event, straw handcraft performance, pottery performance, Maggeolli tasting, etc. There are also exhibitions such as chrysanthemum exhibit, straw handicraft exhibit, traditional pottery exhibit, etc. There are also other contest and performances for residents and visitors.

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